Celebration: Kinetics AND Acid Base is on
Mon 4-30 for AM CHEM
Tues 5-1 for PM CHEM

Acid Base HW 2, 3, 4 due Tues, Wed and Thursday this week.  
Color Chase Lab due Wed 4-25  for full credit
Acid Base Titration Lab due Tuesday 5-1 for full credit

Open up your phone, go to home access now, do not delay.  Fix this.


Acid Base Calendar

We start with a fun story, then we learn a lot.  Lots of math, more math, and two great labs, and some more math.  Svante Arrhenius wins the Nobel Prize for his simple acid base theory, in three sentences.  Two wacky guys try to get another prize with a completely cuckoo theory (which we have to learn) but they are not rewarded.  Albany, of course, loves that theory, and we’ll memorize it too.

We’ll get 8 flash cards too.  This will be fun.

Svante Arrhenius

This is the big push to the end of the year: Acid Base, Organic, Electrochemistry (Redox) and then Nuclear.  Then we just study a lot for the Regents.

You should begin study for the Regents Now, if you intend to do well.  If you wait, your grade will be lower.  It’s up to you, but I will suggest we get that going sooner than later.  Buy that book, or tell me you can’t and I will give you one.  Like today.

There are only a few more lab reports, the Clock Lab needs handing in, then the Color Chase Lab and the Titration Lab in acid base, no lab in organic, Redox Lab, and then no lab in Nuclear.  We will do some review work in the lab, but it will be classwork.

The Redox Lab  will be the conclusion of your conclusions!

Buy a RED Barron’s Regents Review Book.

If you are unable to buy one, please contact me soon, I have several to lend.  If you are lucky to be well off, please consider buying 2, one for you, one to donate.