Current Grades: Updated – 6:33 PM Thursday Dec 8

5 Week Reports being completed on Dec 15 (Friday).
All back work must be in by that point.

Calendar through December 14

Chem Midterm:  Thursday Jan 26, 2017  8:00 AM Room 260
50 Multiple Choice + 35 Points for Part II, just like the Regents.  
It will count as 2 Celebration Grades (double) for Second Quarter.  
That will be the LAST grade for the quarter before Report Cards.


Stoichiometry is hard to spell but easy to do.  It’s multi-step math starting with a balanced chemical equation.  Getting that equation is tricky for some of you still, but we’ll be working on it.  It’s like Mole Math, but “squared”.  We use a bigger map, take more steps, but it’s still pretty easy.
This is a good time to do some basic review of writing  formulas and balancing equations.  Use your time wisely.  Life is not JUST about your phones and your “phriends”.  Chem needs to be squeezed in too.  I will help you, anytime, and for free (or for a dollar!)


Report Card Grades:  1st Quarter