Grade Book Update – 5:27 PM  Tues Sept 27

I start calling home by Wednesday, to tell your parents how wonderful you are, and how great your current grades are.  (I hope, but I will).  I am not shy, and I am demanding that you do your best.

Class Calendar through October 12


We’re about to start looking at what stuff really is made up of.   It’s phases and how it can change phases (physical changes) and also how it can react with other stuff to make new stuff (chemical changes).  Stuff is a sort of funny word, but it’s exactly what we’re talking about.  Some stuff (haha) is pure, it’s made up of only one kind of stuff.  They are the elements and all of the compounds they can form.

Stuff that is not pure, is made up of different things, that are mixed up together, into mixtures.  There’s no formula for a mixture, it could have some water and table salt and mixed it’s salty water.  But some salty water is stronger or weaker, salty water is not a pure substance, it’s a mixture of pure substances.

We’ll be doing a great lab: the Chemical and Physical Changes Lab, where you’ll be doing experiments, looking at changes to decide if they are just physical, or more “fancy”, or chemical.  Iggy Izalea might even join us for the lab, but she has to wear goggles and tie up all of that hair!  I hope she doesn’t bring her pet spider!  (haha)

Welcome to chemistry proper, it’s going to be getting more complex, but more interesting.

Backgammon during all lunch periods. Don’t forget!