MARCH 19 to Spring Break –  Calendar

Learn to make solutions from scratch, learn to use a stock solution to create another, dilute solution.  Learn how much dissolved compounds change the boiling point and freezing point of water.  Master Tables G and H.  The Solutions Lab is excellent and fun.

On the Solutions page are 50 questions for you, which will make up the celebration.  Check that out soon.

Starting 4th quarter, there will be a slight adjustment to the grading policy. The “celebrations” or exams will count for 55% for your grade (up 5%). Your labs will count 25% (down 5%). Homework and classwork will be combined together, for 10%.  The final 10% becomes more “subjective”. That last part will be your class participation, being prepared, your focus in lab, and using your time in class effectively. This portion of your grade will be measured from time to time, and you will all start with a full “10”.

If I catch you wasting time, goofing off, or not getting into your work, I will make a note to myself, and your participation grade will suffer.

I hope that this gets you more engaged in our class, and help you learn more.

The other chemistry courses were graded similar to ours, but not quite. They will start this exact measuring 4th quarter as well.  Now, all chem grading will be exactly the same.

This won’t start until the 4th quarter, but you can start practicing being engaged right away. I will try to point out when you’re not working your hardest (when I might deduct a point in the future) so that you will learn to be a better student starting right away.

We are beginning to move towards the “end” of the year.  It’s getting close to the time to buy a RED Barron’s Regents Review Book.  Do not buy the Blue one.  Trust me.

If you are unable to buy one, please contact me soon, I have several to lend.  If you are lucky to be well off, please consider buying 2, one for you, one to donate.
No one should write in their books.  Use paper, and that way you (or someone else) can use the same book again.  It’s good for others, it’s good not to waste paper needlessly.
Sooner or later you will (should) start studying for the regents exam.  Trust me, the more you do now the better your grade will be.
In the history of my classes (over 1000 students)  83% students pass the exam on the first try.  Many more do the second time (after they actually study).  It’s all on you.  Each of you knows a lot, but a “different” a lot.  I can’t really review without putting 90% of the class asleep on each problem I do.  You have to do this on your own, ask questions to help yourself.   Studying for the regents exam is a selfish activity (in a good way).  You need to practice, you need to do the work you need to do.  You is the most important word here.
If there is material you just didn’t learn, or learn well enough, it’s time to start review.  Now.  Today even.  Really.