Second Tutoring is Thursday July 19 at 10 AM in the
Assistant Principal’s Office at Vestal HS.

PLEASE finish the JUNE 2017 exam, and grade it.  The exam and answer key is linked on the bottom right of this page (old regents exams and answers).  Use a different color to grade, preferably RED.  Use X for wrong, and a check for right.  Count up the number of checks you get so we can score it properly.

Make sure you read the stuff below too…

Please confirm with Mr. Arbuiso if you’re coming.
Email to
If you did not pass the regents exam, or if your score is lower than you wanted it to be, here’s a plan for you to consider.
  1.  Call guidance ASAP to schedule yourself for the August exam.
    (I am not sure yet where it is, or when).
  2. Call the assistant principal’s office and request the following…
    A.  a copy of your regents exam answers (multiple choice and part 2 booklet)
    B.  a copy of the questions
  3. Email me at the days and times you’re are available to meet at the Vestal Public Library – or at Vestal High School if I can reserve a room there (I think I can) so we can start a regular meeting time with several of you.
  4. Tell me if you have or need reference tables so I can get you one.
  5. Get some paper and a notebook to start working hard in.
  6. Get psyched, you will do better in August, I promise.
  7. Tell your friends who are in the same position, my classes or other classes, so we can get started.
  8. I will tutor (for free) but the work load is on you.  I did my best already, you will have to bump up your efforts to find success.
  9. Get started right away.