The report card deadline is Wednesday April 12.  That is the day of the Kinetics Celebration, and the LAST DAY to hand in work for the 3rd Marking Period.  You have NO more time to waste, no more second chances, this is important. As of Monday, you will have 17 days to complete this list.  

Complete Solutions HW # 1, 2, 3, and 4
Finish reading the Water BASICS
Complete the Carbon Dioxide in Soda Lab
Finish Reading the Solutions BASICS
Take the Solutions & Water Celebration of Knowledge
Complete the Solutions Lab
Read the Kinetics BASICS
Complete the Clock Lab
Complete the Kinetics HW #1, 2, 3, and 4
Take the Kinetics Celebration of Knowledge

New & Updated: Water – Solutions – Kinetics Calendar

Solutions Chemistry

Solutions chemistry involves us with solutions, how strong or dilute they are (molarity and Parts Per Million), how to make them, how to dilute them properly, and how to predict about them using Table G (the solubility guidelines).
There are a fair number of vocabulary words but the math is easy.  The Solutions Lab is coming, we will take an 80 minute double period to work the short lab totally in one shot – Lab Report included!
In the meantime, you are supposed to be working on the Water Chemistry that is 99% review, that we are not taking the time to do in class (except for the 5 minutes a day of Q+A, and the upcoming Water Lab.  Water should be done by April 3.  Don’t lag behind, make sure you are doing the work you have to.
Do not become a lazy student who is waiting for summer.  Summer will come, and you will enjoy it much more if you can rest next to a pool, knowing that your final chemistry grade is something to be proud of.  You will get what you deserve, and hopefully you will be proud of it, but there’s no time like the present to start working.  I will help, just ask.