Calendar through Winter Break

Five Week Report Deadline is Thursday 12-21, right before winter break.  Hand in your back work or else your break will be less fun, your parents will have days and days in which to teach you a lesson, and you will not be skiing or hanging out with friends.  It is your job to do your work on time.  
We Celebrate Phases on 12-21 as well.  


Solids, liquids and gases, and back again.  We will examine the physcial changes that are dictated by both temperature and pressure.  We’ll learn about gas pressures, the Kinetic Molecular Theory that explains gases, and how to draw a bunch of diagrams (like the heating curve, the cooling curve, and the phase diagram.
We will draw a witch into our notes, which is both fun, scary, and helpful.  Really.

I like phases, they are not difficult really, and there are only 6 of them (we don’t get too involved with aqueous, since it’s really a mixture).  All good.
Read the BASICS on Tuesday night, like you are supposed to.  Okay?  Okay!