Naming Compounds & Moles/ % Comp Calendar through 11-3

It started, phone calls home.  So far you have nice parents.  Of course  I am telling them nice stuff about you.  Soon I will call everyone’s parents.  What will I tell them?

Hand in all back work ASAP, or start thinking about what you will tell them.  I’ll help.

Naming Compounds 

For Monday Oct 16 – READ the whole Naming Compounds BASICS (or else)
Electrons Lab is due today.
Starting Tuesday you have Naming Compounds HW due one right after another.
For Tuesday do the Naming Compounds HW#1
For Wednesday do the Naming Compounds HW#2
For Thursday do NO HOMEWORK
For Friday do the Naming Compounds HW#3
For the NEXT Monday do Naming Compounds SPECIAL LAST 2 PAGES HW
For Next Tuesday finish up all of the Naming Compound HW’s

Naming includes simple monoatomic cations + monoatomic anions

and… Transistional Metal cations and monoatomic anions

and… Poly Atomic Ions and cations, anions, and other polyatomic ions

and… Molecular Compounds that form without making ions.

Read your BASICS over the weekend.

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