August Regents

Vestal Library 10 AM – noon.

Tuesday July 25   Do and grade the regents exam from January 2015
Thursday July 27  Do and grade the regents exam from June 2015

I am out of town for these dates…   Please plan to meet together anyway.
I am working on finding a tutor for you for at least some of these dates. Info to follow.

July 31  to Aug 10:   Do as many old regents exam (repeat some if necessary)

Tuesday August 15:  I will be back.  Let’s meet 10 AM until 2 PM .

Regents Exam is Wed. Aug. 16 early at the BOCES on Glenwood Road in Binghamton.

Call Guidance, 757-2214 if you have ANY Questions about the exam date or location or driving there.  Ask your friends if they need a ride if you can offer one.

You must bring: a PHOTO ID, two pens (black or blue), a calculator, and food.
Dress comfortably.

I will not be grading the exam, nor will I get your grades.  When you get your grade through Guidance, please think to call me on the phone and let me know how it went.