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Naming Compounds and Moles Class Calendar to Nov 4

Naming Compounds

Compounds for when metals lose electrons while forming into positive cations at the same time nonmetals gain these very electrons, forming into negative anions.  These anions are of opposite charge, and are wildly attracted together, like love.
When 2 or more nonmetals bond, they share electrons, which is very different, and although they bond together very strongly, ionic bonds are stronger.  The bond they make is called a molecular bond, they form molecular compounds.
Examples of ionic compounds include sodium chloride and magnesium oxide.  Also sodium fluoride (toothpaste), calcium chloride (icy melt) and sodium hypochlorite (pool sanitizer).  Those formulas are NaCl, MgO, NaF, CaCl2, and NaClO.
Molecular compound examples include water,sulfur trioxide, carbon dioxide, tribromomethane, and phosphorous pentachloride.  Those formulas are H2O, SO3, CO2, CBr3H, PCl5.