REDOX or Electrochemistry

Last Calendar of the Year   (Redox and Nuclear)

The  connection between electricity and chemistry is important and financially valuable.  Batteries run many of the world’s machines, and chemistry makes the electricity that comes out of batteries.

There are 2 half reactions, called oxidation and reduction, which we shorten to “Re-DOX”.  We should say OX-RED but that’s boring.

Worse is saying RED-OX.  Say RE-DOX so you sound cool.

Oxidation produces the electrons, and reduction puts those electrons back where they need to go.  On the way from being oxidized and before they get reduced, these electrons can run through a wire and make things go.

Redox is also electroplating, where you can use electricity to force chemical reactions that are not spontaneous and need a push to occur.  We we can coat strong but inexpensive metals with shiny expensive ones like gold or silver.  That allows us to have inexpensive costume  jewelry, and provides many industrial benefits.

Finally, we can decompose water into hydrogen gas (toot) and oxygen gas (deep breath now) using electricity.

We will draw lots of pictures, explain how your car battery works, and how can you fool a gold buyer with lead coated with gold leaf.  (don’t do it but I’ll show you how) .

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