Mrs. O’Donnell’s Regents Review Slides (worth a look)

The Chem Regents is Wed. 6-20
8 am in the Vestal Gym

Free Tutoring for the Regents…

Mr. Arbuiso will be at the Vestal Public Library on Monday June 18 from 300 to 545 PM and then again on Tuesday June 19 from 400 to 715 PM to answer any and all chemistry related questions.

This is FREE, but (for real) I will collect a dollar bill from anyone who wishes to donate it through me directly to the Vestal Library for providing us with this room.  If you can afford a buck, great, if not, this is FREE.  No one must donate, you do already pay taxes for the library, but if you want to be nice, cool.

It’s best if you come with YOUR OWN QUESTIONS and ask them.  This is your last chance to learn something that YOU need to know.  To have questions, do several old regents exams and find the questions that you can’t figure out.  I will go around the group answering any questions that you ask.  The more prepared you are, the more YOU will learn.  That’s what it’s all about.