The Rest of the Year Calendar

ORGANIC CHEM Celebration Wednesday 5-24

Next Up is Redox (electrochemistry) followed up by Nuclear Chemistry.  Make sure you are reviewing already for the regents exam.  It waits for no one.  We’re not done, not by a long shot. Don’t slow down, it’s time to “kick” to the finish line.

It’s important that you look into getting a red Barron’s Regents Review book soon.  You’ll want it one day, and you won’t want to have to wait a few more days for the order to ship in.  Get it while there is no rush, and put it under your pillow.on’t but the blue one, it’s more expensive and not as good.   If you cannot afford one, I will get you one, let me know soon.

Regents Prep:  Vestal Library Mon June 19, 2-530 PM.  Stay as long as you like, come when you can, bring your own questions to answer.   This is free of charge to my students and anyone else you invite.  The rules are simple, be respectful, do not disrupt, and if you can and would like to I will (really) accept one dollar per student of which every dollar is donated to the Library in your name for giving us this room for free.

Mrs. O’Donnell is inviting you to consider these 2 preps as well.  Both will be 3 to 5 PM in room 260 at Vestal High School. 

Session 1 Monday June 5:  “How to get a high score on the Chem Regents” 

Session 2 Wednesday June 7:  “How to pass the Chem Regents”

Both are different, come to one, or both.  Best behavior is expected. 

Chemistry Regents Exam
8 AM Tuesday June 20 in the GYM at Vestal HS