Chemistry Grade Book Updated – 5:14 PM Tues. Jan 17
Chem Calendar January through the Midterm
Chemistry Midterm:  Thurs Jan 26, 2017  8:00 AM 
50 Multiple Choice plus 35 Points of problems: reading tables, graphing, balancing, and calculating.  Just like the Regents.  
It will count as 2 Celebration Grades for the 2nd Q.  
That will be the LAST grade before Report Cards.


The connection between energy and chemical reactions is the study of Thermochemistry. The connection is as exact as balanced equations, energy is well understood by chemists, and it works out perfectly when approached with mathematics.
In fact, in thermochem there is a lot of stoichiometry, and a few new formulas which we use in lab, and on paper.
Thermochemistry is the science of how much energy is released in a chemical reaction, or how much is aborbed.  Or, the energy required for melting or freezing, warming or cooling, and vaporizing or condensing of all substances.
In our intro level course, most of our math will concern water, but also other elements and substances. There are new and old units, and you’ll need a calculator every day to figure things out.
We’ll do two neat labs, one works great, and one has the biggest percent error of the year, but that’s okay. There will be a big loss of energy and a large gain of knowledge – simultaneously.

Report Card Grades:  1st Quarter