Chemical Reactions Calendar through Dec 1

Please check home access.  I thought more of you did HW #2 for Reactions, but there are LOTS of zeros?!!

For Monday 11-20
Finish up the Chemical Reactions Lab.  Most of you finished up the experiments, we will work on the balancing of the reactions, phase symbols, Tables J and F, and of course, writing of formulas.

Tuesday we will do a big balancing equations handout, where you will sharpen up on recognizing the 5 types of chemical reactions, and master balancing.

Then we have Thanksgiving Break.  Some of you will finish up the Reactions Lab, which will be due by Monday Nov 27, or you will lose points for being late and for non-compliance.  That day we will review Chemical Reactions and balancing.

Tuesday Nov 28 you Celebrate.  It might be a white sheet of paper test, you name the 5 kinds of chemical reactions and write out word equations and balanced chemical equations with phase symbols for each.  Probably I will give you one reactant or product and you can work from there.  Study hard.

I looked hard for a decent cartoon.  What is WRONG with this cartoon?  Answer below

This is NOT balanced, and the first product would have to be Ag2CrO4
because silver is Ag+1  and chromate is CrO4-2

Balanced, it has to be  2AgNO3(AQ) + K2CrO4(AQ) —->  Ag2CrO4(S) + 2KNO3(AQ)

This is wrong, wrong, and wrong!  But you knew that!

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