Naming Compounds

Naming Compounds

Compounds Basics

Naming Compounds Slideshows

Compounds Notes

100 Flash Cards to Learn how to name compounds

Naming Compounds Homework Assignments

50 Slides and Answers Formulas to Names – Practice

50 more Slides, Names to Formulas – Practice

The “Master Set” of names + formulas
        If you can do these, you’re 79 (golden!)

Practice Test Questions and Answers

Naming Compounds HW Answers

Classwork Naming Game

Practice Slides for Polyatomic Ions – Table E

Practice Slides for Molecular and Ionic Compounds Naming

Practice Naming Handout with Answers page 2

Ionic Compound Formula Practice – Answers to this handout

1.  What are ions?  Why and how do they form?
2.  Naming simple (monoatomic) ionic compounds
3.  Naming Transitional Metal cation ionic compounds
4.  Naming Polyatomic Ionic compounds
5.  Review Lab #1
6. Naming Molecular Compounds
7.  Naming Game Practice for naming compounds (review)
8.  Celebration of Knowledge

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