That spells STOICHIOMETRY in Greek letters.  Stoich can be difficult, like Greek, unless you pay attention.

We will continue to practice balancing equations and then use those equations to predict product masses, volumes of gases, and particles as well.

It’s moles and balancing equations rolled into one.  Lots of math, another map guide, and lots more math.  Get a calculator!

We have the Stoichiometry Lab, the Stoich-2 Lab, and hopefully we’ll do the Zinc Removal from a Penny Lab.  Although not related to this topci, we’ll also get to do the Precipitate lab too (double replacement reactions) for practice.

We’ll also do lots of math, I hope I mentioned that.  Did I?



Stoich Slideshows

Stoich Notes

Stoich Lab – Baking Soda

Stoich2 Lab –  CuSO4 + Fe 

Stoich Homework Assignments


Stoich is like making brownies.  There's a recipe to make them right, then you can make as many as you like, say half a box, or three boxes, or even 0.245 of a box.  It's just math and measuring.
Real people never ask questions like this, but stoichiometry math is the true measure of how hard you will work.  It is one of the gatekeepers of are you going to try hard enough to find success, or will you just cry?
Stoich lets you start with a balanced equation and do math to it.  You can adjust the mass, volume of gases, or numbers of particles, and predict the future.
There are lots of ways to "do" the math, but the best way is to learn MOLE MATH first, then move on.  Don't get eaten by the mole shark either.
The Mole Shark eats all students who try to take math shortcuts in Stoich.  Do the math, show your work.
I always have your back and I LOVE STOICH.


Stoich HW answers