Homework Assignments

There are many theories about homework and we could have a long debate about the value or necessity of this demand I will be making on you.  You might even win the debate and “prove” that you don’t need to do any homework, and neither does anyone else.

Of course we won’t debate this, I know that homework is really practice (if done properly).  In the old days I’d collect homework for grades, but many students just copy the homework of others.  That’s technically cheating, but it’s really hard to catch because most of the homework are just math problems.

You will be doing homework because you know that it’s good for you, that it is good practice, and will help you do well on your quizzes – which I do grade.

If you won’t do your homework, you will probably do worse than you want to in this course.  If you are a genius, and that happens from time to time, a genius in eleventh or tenth grade, you’ll be okay.  Are you a real genius?  Are you sure?  Better do your homework for a while, at least until you get tested.