What to do this weekend.

Okay, so it’s Friday now, but you think that you have nothing to do all weekend.  Not so fast.

You should (must) read through the BASICS for Measurement for starters.  We’ve not gone through all of it in class yet, but it is fine to read a little ahead.  If you don’t understand it all, that is okay too.  Make sure you “get” what you have done in class already.

You should also make sure you have access to your HOME ACCESS.  Check your grade.  Most of you are running with a 100% in chemistry.  Take a screen shot, it won’t last.  Enjoy it this weekend and politely brag to your friends.

15 minutes a day of legit studying will make you so smart you won’t believe it.  Trust me, it’s worth trying that out.  Not a lot and not all at once.  15 minutes each day will make you happy, healthy, and smart.  Who wants anything else?