Friday’s Celebration

Friday we have our first Celebration of Knowledge.  It’s only 20 multiple choice plus 2 bigger problems to do.  Do the big problems first, then if you run out of time, you only miss a few short answer questions.  You should not run out of time, but just in case.

You will sit anywhere in the classroom.  Come in quickly, get out reference tables, calculators, and start.

Always read directions.  Put name on top of both the questions and the answer sheet.  If you need scrap paper, ask for it.

Please do not plan to go to the bathroom during our celebration unless absolutely necessary.

Your cell phones all go into the boxes until the bell rings.

Each class has a similar, but different set of questions.  You still do not want to tell anyone what was on yours, for two reasons.  First, they might get a better score because of your assistance, which makes your score worse.  Why do that to yourself?

Also, it’s cheating, and you know, cheaters cry.

Do your best.  No blanks ever!