What’s The Matter With You?

Monday we start the second topic in Regents Chem, that is MATTER.

You remember that matter is “stuff”, anything that takes up space and has mass.  Pretty much everything is matter.  Except weird things like fire, or radiation, or other types of energy.  Love is not matter, but without love, nothing matters.

Chemistry is the study of matter, so this should be (is) an important topic.  The math is crazy easy, the vocabulary starts in earnest.  Differences between atoms, molecules, formula units, compounds, mixtures, phases, etc.  Practice makes perfect.  You might try flashcards.  If you prefer to not work on vocabulary, try writing your name, and low numbers like 74, or 68 next to them.  If those numbers are not what you like to see next to your name, the only way to get bigger numbers is to study and learn all of the vocabulary.

This won’t be hard, but you will have to work.  We need the proper vocabulary so we can start to talk to each other and say what we mean, and mean what we say.

Get psyched.  This topic has one of the best labs of the year.  You will do seven crazy experiments, all worthy of dinner time conversation with your family, and the lab report will be a cinch (that means freaking easy!).