#17 in Temp Lab: What’s up with ΔT ???

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If the temperature of a solution changes from 12.0°C to 29.0°C, the change in temperature (which we call delta T, or we use this symbol: ΔT) is 17.0°C. What is the ΔT in Kelvin? This is tricky and won’t be graded here, but this problem will come up a lot in chem, you MUST figure this out. If you need to, draw a diagram of 2 temperature scales next to each other.

Many of you stopped thinking clearly.  This is an important point, so follow closely.

The temperature change from 12 to 29 centigrade is 17 degrees centigrade.

In Kelvin, you must change the temperatures first, then do the subtraction to find out the differences.

Using K = C + 273

12 degrees C = 285 K

29 degrees C = 302 K

302 – 285 = 17 K difference.