Atomic Theory Now!

This section of our course will guide you through about 2200 years of thought that went into the “model” of the atom.  It’s small, it’s nearly impossible to see, but from many experiments scientists have developed ever improving models (ideas) for us to think about when talking about atoms.

We’ll learn a lot about a lot of the numbers on the Periodic Table of the Elements.  We’ll learn to use those numbers too, to figure out how many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in each atom.  We’ll learn about isotopes too, which are kind of unusual, but since they exist we’ll make sense of them.

We do a great lab in this part of chem, the Electrons Lab.  Using relatively inexpensive equipment, we’ll see part of the reason that Neils Bohr won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  You will be truly amazed at what has been hiding in plain sight all this time, and you didn’t know about it.  It’s a cool “secret” that I can’t wait to share with you.

And of course we’ll look into the Gold Foil Experiment by my hero, Earnest Rutherford (another Nobelist).  This is going to be great!