Interim Progress Report Deadline Thurs. 10-11

There are few “real” deadlines in our course.  But once in a while there is a point at which the five week progress reports must be saved into the school computer.  For Regents Chem the last possible moment will be Thursday Oct. 11 at 250 PM.

At that point, whatever is in the grade book is transferred to the progress reporting page with the click of a single button.  I always write notes as well, you will find that you will laugh (mostly) at the stuff I will say.  Some of you though, will get the plain truth, which might be less amusing for you and your parents.

Know that truth (check home access) before, and hand in all back work.

The things I will grade by then include Atomic HW #2 and #3, and the 39 Atoms Handout.  Plus all the older stuff from day 1.  Please make sure you have all that back work in.

Details from my Grade Book:

Period 1 has 5 students under an 80% including four who are FAILING.
Period 4 has 3 students under an 80%, but none failing.
Period 6 has 3 students under an 80%, including two who are FAILING.
Period 8 has 4 students under an 80%, but none failing.