(What’s next) Naming Compounds

The next section of our course will allow you (if you practice) to name about 1000 kinds of compounds.  There are rules to naming compounds, just like there are rules to football.  Some rules are weird, but those are the rules you must learn.

If you choose to fudge this, or not learn them, or mix them up, the rest of the year in chem will be really hard.  In two weeks I need to be able to say either potassium permanganate or dinitrogen pentoxide, and you need to IMMEDIATELY know which is molecular and which is ionic, which will dissolve into water and which won’t (and why), which transfer electrons to bond and which share electrons to bond, and how to write the formulas for both.

This is huge, and there are PATTERNS.  You are not going to be able to “figure this out” nor is it very intuitive.  The rules are the rules, they are simple but there are those patterns to keep track of.  It will require lots of practice.  That means writing formulas from names, and names from formulas, and then more practice.

This is chemistry, for real.  There is no lab for this, we’ll do a “review lab” to keep you busy and practicing with the lab component, and there will be lots of practice.  Learn this and you can do anything.

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