What you could do this weekend!

Well, well, what to do???

Here is a plan.  Click on the link that says NAMING COMPOUNDS, on the right side of this page.

Start clicking like mad now, open up as many links as possible, and do what the slides tell you to do.

Practice turning names into formulas, or formulas into names.  Learn to use roman numerals, learn when table E comes in handy.  There is even a short slide show to help you recognize the polytatomic ions.  You don’t need to memorize them, but recognizing them will make you calmer (read: Smarter!).

There are handouts (with answers) and slide shows galore.  LOOK.  Practice.  Do the HW assignments again, and check with the answers.  Don’t be lazy.  DO stuff.  Don’t just look.  Write.

Studying is an action word.  The more action, the more formulas you write, the more checks and X’s you write, the smarter you will be for Wednesday.

There is also a PRACTICE TEST WITH ANSWERS.  Your’s will be easier I hope.  You will get 10 names to formulas, 10 formulas to names.  One “T” chart – name all phosphorous – bromine compounds (an example) and some short vocabulary word questions.  This one will work you out, but the answers are all there too.  Think, try hard, you are worth the effort.  Hard work pays off big time.

Do your Review Lab #1.  Check your home access and make up ALL old work that you owe me.  Today.  Not tomorrow.  Now.