No School Monday

Monday is Veteran’s Day, a day to honor the Americans (and some non Americans) who have stood up to serve and protect us all.  All of us should take some time to reflect on how wonderful it is here, and to remind ourselves that this was not free for everyone.

Millions of people have served in the US Military, and this day is set aside as a National Holiday, to signify the importance of what these men and women have done for our country.

It’s easy to just be, it’s easy to just have, but if you think even a little bit of how you are so lucky that you can have these things, and this way of life, thank someone who helped make this possible.  Monday is the day to honor our citizens who became service men and women.  It’s not just a day off from school.

If you see people who are just hanging around, and that bothers you, don’t get mad.  Some people are less evolved, they just don’t get it yet, or they are too young (even if they are not too young in years).  Remind yourself to lead by example.  You don’t need to correct everyone, and not everyone thinks the way you do.  That’s okay even if it’s frustrating.  Just be a good person and a good role model for everyone.