What to do this weekend for chem…

You can’t have this weekend off from chem.  Many of you are not yet up to speed with naming compounds.  I suggest that you review these three slide shows (get some paper and do some writing.

Formulas to Names Practice Slides

Names to Formulas Practice Slides

The “Master Set” of Naming/Formulas Slides

Naming Compounds Practice Test and Answers

Write formulas and name formulas, and write them down to see if you get them RIGHT.  The answers follow the questions.  If you choose not to write (to save time) you will be wasting time rather than studying.  Do it right the first time and be effective.  Learn this stuff this weekend.

Monday we finish up this lab with a full period of writing the lab report.  You can do well on this, which will help your grade – it’s worth 60 points rather than the usual 25.  It has no conclusion, but there are a batch of questions.

There is a single period Double Replacement Reaction Lab (the precipitate lab) next week too, but it won’t be due until the next week.

Chem is relentless.  If you bail out on this now, the next topic will make you feel even worse.  There is not too much chem, but there is a lot.  You might have to compromise some of your time to school work this weekend.  You will have the next weekend off, I promise.  To do well in school you must do lots of effective studying.  You must get work done before it’s due so that you are able to ask questions in time to make a difference.

Don’t miss this chance.  Plan now to give 2 hours to chem this weekend and your life will be better.

If you owe old stuff, that’s not included, you will need to pay yourself back for the time you didn’t dedicate to chem in the past few weeks.  Ketchup this weekend in chem, not mustard!