Chem Midterm Exam

Each year the Regents Chemistry classes take a comprehensive or cumulative midterm exam.  In our class that will happen on Thursday, January 24 at 8:00 AM.

The exam will cover everything from “Hello, my name is Charlie Arbuiso, and I will be your chemistry teacher”, through phases and thermochemistry.

It will be 50 multiple choice questions, taken with a scantron form, and then 30 more points of “part 2” type questions.  Those are balancing equations, doing calculations, drawing graphs, etc.

Grading will be number correct divided by total possible X 100%, rounded to the nearest whole number.  This will count as two celebration grades into the second quarter grade.  It will be the last grade of 2nd quarter as well.

If you do well, it will be helpful in boosting your average up.  If you do not, it will sort of put the balance back into your inflated grade.  Either way, it’s a good way to evaluate how well you are learning all of the chem, and an indicator of how you would do on the regents if you change nothing.

If you do well, that means you’re doing chemistry properly.  If you do not do well, it will be the wake up call you need to realize that you are not doing enough outside of class.  It doesn’t mean you will fail the regents, but it means that more of the same will not likely give you a good grade in June.

None of that would matter if you don’t get in the minimum 1200 minutes of lab reports a week prior to the Regents exam anyways.

Happy vacation to you all .