End of the 2nd Marking Period

It’s upon us, the halfway mark of the school year.

We’re closing in on the report card grades for 2nd quarter.  It’s high time to check your grades via HOME ACCESS.  All zeros are terrible mistakes on your part, fix them.

Any celebration grade that is terrible should be brought in during your lunch or free period.  We can review the work you did, teach you more, and hopefully give you some sort of make up to boost those scores.  This “boosting” business will not be available starting 3rd quarter.  You will have to earn it the rest of the way.  But for NOW, take advantage of repairing the damage of not studying properly before has done to your grade.

There are only 5 grades, four report card grades and then the Regents Exam grade, that average to your final grade.  This 2nd quarter grade is important, more important than you think.  Fix it now, while there is time.

As to your lab reports:  800 minutes of lab have been collected.  If you have less than that you really need to ask yourself what the heck you’re doing.  Why would you miss lab reports?  Do your job, do your work; I can help you but you have to show up for that to happen.