Midterm Thursday Jan 24 @ 8:00 AM

The Chemistry Midterm

Thursday Jan 24 @ 8:00 AM in the Vestal Lunchroom or Commons

You will be told where you are to report.  The Arbuiso “midterm celebrations” are all the same color, which is GREY (like my hair!).

You will be provided with a NEW reference table, which I hope you will NOT write on.

You will need two number 2 pencils for the first 50 multiple choice questions, which you will take with a scantron form.  Make sure they are pointy before you get to school.

You can do the rest of the examination in pen or pencil, but pen is preferred because that is how the Regents Exam does things.

You will start about 8:10 AM (after some simple directions) and you must stay for 2 hours.  You can stay for up to 3 hours (unless you have special accommodations, but you will be in another room for them anyway).

The midterm grade is weighted like a Celebration, but it counts double, as 2 celebrations.  It’s important and powerful to your grade.  Study up and boost yourself higher, or take your chances and your overall grade might dip.

Cheaters cry (big time).