Midterm Grades

Well, it’s over.  As expected the grades were less than great, but not as bad as you imagine.

The class average in each class dropped by 2 or 3 points.  Some individuals didn’t change their overall grades at all in some cases after taking the midterm.  Most students dropped by some.  The most points anyone dropped was six, but that happened to just one person.  Most kids dropped down by 2 or 3 points.  This is normal, even though it’s not good news, it’s not actually bad news either.

The midterm is the first long chemistry test (celebration) that you have ever taken.  It was and always will be hard.  New conditions, in the lunchrooms, it was so long, this is what happens.  It’s a great dry run for the regents exam.

After 14 years of giving the regents exam to 1127 students, the overall average is 74.7%.  Why is it that low?  I wish I knew.  I have ideas, but no real facts.  Looks like you guys beat that average by a small margin.  You are actually better than average.

Don’t let one grade get you down.  Look over the midterm when we get back to class.  Figure out why you did what you did, why you didn’t study enough, or why you studied the wrong stuff.  I will help you figure this out.  This is a process, not every day is going to be happy and as fun as others.  You’re all still good people (and so am I).

See you 3rd quarter!  Look below at the table.  Find yourself in it (somewhere).