Chemistry Art Contest

Art Contest!

If you like to draw, or create art digitally, this is probably for you. website is accepting submissions for the New Logo Contest.

All entries must be on standard sized paper, 8.5 X 11 inches, and be placed into the IN BOX, and also submitted digitally to  by Friday Feb. 15.  The entries MUST BE PORTRAIT style (tall not wide), not landscaped, so that they fit into the sidebar of the website.  They will be digitally “shrunk”  to fit.

Entries will be judged on chemistry facts, artistic flair, and overall appeal.  They also should say “” on them.  They can be scientific, or humorous, or both.  They can be “cartoonish” or they can be photo-realistic.

They should be only of your work, not copied from the internet or other previously produced art works.

Your name should be attached to the REVERSE, possibly with a sticky note, so that your name does not bleed through to the front.  Your name CANNOT be on the front, as your privacy must be maintained.

All entries will become property of Mr. Arbuiso, and will be laminated and put up in our classroom as Chemistry Art.  If any royalties come about, they are all yours, of course.

There will be NO COMPENSATION for this, the contest is optional.  The art will run on the homepage.  Depending upon the number of entries, your work might be included in a rotating slideshow for about one year (until the next contest).  Your images will be forever be included on this website.

Prizes:  Each student whose art is chosen to be in the slideshow (top 12 max) will receive a nice Hersey’s Chocolate Bar as a tied for second place prize.  The Grand Prize winner – chosen best entry – will get an Extra Large Sized Hershey Bar.

One entry per student.  The judge’s decision is final, there will be no appeals.  Art if funny, some people will love your work, other people will prefer someone else’s for reasons that only they can guess.  No hard feelings here, this is just for fun.  Normal sized prizes will be awarded.  The kid below is holding more chocolate than anyone should ever eat in a week, but he’s cute and it’s eye catchy.  Your grand prize will be big, but NOT that big!