“Me and the Periodic Table”

About 15 years ago, when some of you were still babies, I was getting interviewed at the Admin Building to see if they’d hire me to become a chem teacher.  All of this is true…

Mr. Rotondi, the Athletic Director, used to be the Assistant Principal.  During my interview he asked the BEST QUESTION in an interview of all time.  He said: “So, you want to be a chemistry teacher, what’s your favorite part of chemistry?”

In an instant I knew that I had to be both intelligent and academic, and enthusiastic.  I had to pick something I understood, but also loved, I had to sound smart and I had to be excited.  Just two seconds passed before I started blabbing about the Periodic Table.  Apparently it worked!

This table, now 150 years old, is a cornerstone of mental genius, of thought becoming valuable to humans all over the world.  Demitri Mendeleev was one of the best thinkers of all time, and he came up with this table (in a dream they say) that literally changed how chemistry could be studied and understood.

We are about to undertake the task to figure out all of the details that are hiding in plain sight.  There is so much, so many different things, literally right there, but you don’t see them yet.  I hope to open your eyes, to help you SEE differently, and to learn how to understand chemistry with our most important tool.

Now that you know some chem, this part of of our course should really make sense.  And the “lab” we do is just unforgettable.  Way cool.  If you don’t know UNFORGETTABLE, click on the youtube below.