Celebration Grades, Grades in General

So, another celebration for the books.  Done and settled, but some of you are likely to be unhappy.  Here’s how I see things.

Before the celebration I checked the class averages.  Then I put the scores from the celebration in, and rechecked the class averages.  In the WORST case was the class average dropped less than 2 points (–1.76 points).
If your grade dropped more than that, the question is why?
The highest grade was a 98%, with about ten or eleven students scoring in the 90’s.  Most students did okay, but the ones that didn’t do well usually did very poorly.
Counting to 8 is harder than it sounds.  Putting fingers into boxes to check electrons is bothersome.  Guessing about electronegativity values is dull.  But if you did it, you’d find more success.
15 minutes per night for chem.  Please don’t forget that this is the hardest class ever, but it’s the easiest to pass, if you try.  That means every day.  Don’t quit on yourself, keep trying harder, and if you’re not happy today, make yourself happy by changing yourself from the casual student to one who takes more care every day.  You can be that person if you want.