How You Doin’? (What’s your chem average?)

Home Access is for you to check your grades, to make sure you don’t forget something you owe for a grade, and to make sure I don’t cheat you out of some points, by mistake.  When was the last time you checked in? 

Really, how you doin’? 

The marking period ends next Friday, before the BREAK.  

You will still need to hand in the Carbon Dioxide in Seltzer Lab, the Solutions Lab, and the Solutions HW (1, 2, 3, 4) and make your Periodic Table Tile for our Project.  That’s a classwork grade of 40 points!  A biggie for sure.  Plus any back work.

First period class average is 78%.

Fourth period class average is 80%.

Sixth period class average is 75%.

Eighth period class average is 78%.

It’s official, some of you are doing work, some of you aren’t, and some of you don’t even know where you stand.

The school pays a fair amount of cash to provide you with this service, I put in the work to update your grades a few times per week, and plenty of chances to catch my booboos (which are fewer than my errors in class) but should be caught by you.

Please check in today and make sure you are not caught by surprise, the end of the marking period is April 12.  All work must be handed in by that FRIDAY, before break, because the marking period closes on the 19th, but we don’t have school and I will be out of town besides.  If you don’t make it up, the zeros stand (forever).