Acid Base Chemistry

This will be a more difficult topic for you, there is math and concepts.  There are about ten acids and about the same number of bases to recognize, and another new type of chemical reaction that occurs between them called the Acid Base Neutralization reaction.

This reaction always starts with an acid plus a base, and always produces water and a salt.  You remember that salts are just ionic compounds – that will all be aqueous in water.  There is some balancing, and there is ammonia that is a base but follows a weirdo rule that you must memorize.  But mostly it’s just over and over and some math.

You will learn this quickly or else you’re just not working hard enough.  It will account for about 4-5 points on the regents exam, so if you learn it, those points would already be in your pocket before you get into the gym.

A great story to start, a Nobel Prize and a few guys who didn’t get one, but that’s okay, the first guy was smart enough to earn it alone!  That’s him below, Svante Arrhenius, in his official Nobel Prize Photograh!


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