How to Figure Your Final Grade

Or, What Do I Need To Get On The Regents Exam?

To predict or plan your final grade, figure out the math first.  Your grade is figured out this way…

Sum up four quarters, and the regents score, then divide them by five, round to the closest whole number.  That’s it.

So, what did you get the first 3 quarters?  What is your grade for 4th quarter now (and how close is it to your expected final quarter grade?).  Do some algebra to figure out what you need to get to earn the grade you want.

For example, if you scored an 83, 85, 80, and have an 89 now, what grade do you need on the regents to get an 85 for a final grade?  This is the math..

83 + 85+ 80 + (89) + X = 425  (that’s 85 X 5 = 425)

Solve for X.