Redox and Nuclear Chem Take Home Celebration

On Friday you will be handed a copy of this 50 point measure of how well you know your stuff.

It’s expected that you hand it in on Monday, the LAST DAY of school.

If you skip the last day of school, you best send it to school in an envelope with a friend.

I will grade it before I go home on Monday.

If you cheat, I won’t know, but even if you get a 50/50, it won’t help you much unless all of the material is in your head.  DO THE WORK, use your notes, your BASICS, and HW’s. . Think, work hard, and get that perfect score that you want.  If you plan to cheat, just tell me to give you a 45/50 and it’s a wash, I won’t waste my time caring to grade your paper and you will have a pretty good grade (and nothing in your head), which you can use to offset that regents grade that you will likely get.

Be honest.  Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.  If you use your notes you should get a great score.  If you cheat, you’re already a failure and the number in your box is not important.  Do the right thing.