Final Grades Expected on Wednesday

The Regents exam was graded until Tuesday night at 630 PM.

We then scan the scantron sheets into a computer to be graded by a vendor for New York State.  Apparently the state of NY does not trust us to grade the exam ourselves.

The exam grades should be emailed back to us on Wednesday by 11 AM (fingers crossed).

We will input these scores into eschool, calculate final grades, and upload them ASAP.

This process can’t be hurried, and we do not  have your grades yet.  I did not even touch your exams for security reasons.  I graded parts of other the chem teachers exams, and they did yours. At least 2, probably 3 teachers graded your exams, so no one has any clue as to how anyone did yet.  As soon as I can, I will make the grades available.  I promise.