Final Grades Are In

Check eschool please.

How did you do?  Well, some of you did fine, but not all of you.

89 students took the test, only 59 passed.  30 students did not make the grade.

Please call Guidance to figure out your plans.  You should take it again in August.  I will return from vacation mid-July and I will tutor you, for free, at the Vestal Library.  This happens, I am sorry.

88 students passed the course, that is success.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves, you’re still kids.  Ask the AP office for a copy of your exam, you NEED to see what you got wrong to learn from it.  You need to ask me to re-explain it all to you.

Down, but not out, get brushed off, stand back up, and fight for yourself.  You can still do this.