Taking The Regents Over In August

If you did not pass, or do as well as you wanted to, you need to sign up for the August Regents through the VHS Guidance office ASAP.

Your exam is Tuesday August 13 at 8 AM but I am not sure what school it is given at, but it will be in the Binghamton/Vestal/Johnson City, Maine-Endwell/Union-Endicott area.  Guidance will know where it is.

To prepare, you must request a photocopy of your June regents exam from the Assistant Principal’s office. You need that in hand, to see exactly what you did do, and didn’t do.  It is very important that you have this before you meed with me for tutoring, so you have questions to ask.

It would be best if you did at least 2 whole regents exams and graded them before you meet up with me at the Vestal Library, so that you have a working knowledge of what it is that you do not know.

Even if you scored a 50%, you know at least half of the material, but we need to focus you on the exact parts of chem that you do not yet know.

I had hoped you would be doing at least five exams before your regents last Tuesday.  If you didn’t do that, that is probably the reason that you are reading this post here.  The more practice you do, the better your chances of passing the second time are.  Most students who came to the library had NO QUESTIONS for me, they just drummed up some from the old exams I had laying around.

I will be back in town to tutor on Thursday the 18th.  You should have questions from YOUR exam  and from January 2019 exams.  That’s what we will focus on, those 2 exams.

We’ll work our way backwards, 2 exams at a time, all of the exams are linked on the bottom right of Arbuiso.com, including answer keys, etc.  Print them, take them, grade them, bring them in with a separate page of questions that you want me to review.  The more work you do, the smarter you will get, the better your next grade will be.

I am pretty sure that if you bump up your regents score that Guidance will bump up your course grade as well, but you better ask about that.  Possibly that is just wishful thinking, but I think it’s true.

Don’t quit on yourself, it’s time to fight back.

I will be out of town until July 16, I’m sorry.