Missing Chemistry Class

You will be permitted to miss any chemistry course that you have a pass for, I sign anything you hand me.  It’s important to have a well rounded life.  If you miss a lot of chemistry classes you will do poorly.  I know that, and you should too.

There is a direct correlation between the number of classes you miss and the overall report card grade you get.  The more missed classes, the lower your grade.  How could it be anything but that?

If we are “celebrating” your pass will be denied, unless you have one sign from the Principal.

Don’t miss too many classes.  Go to band lessons during lunch instead of academic courses.  Don’t over sleep and miss class.  Don’t go to guidance, unless you really need to, or go during other courses if you can.  Spread out your absences to all nine periods, don’t avoid chemistry.

If you miss class you will not learn as much, you won’t practice as much, and your grade will suffer.

Late to class, or daily trips to the bathroom will also result in a lower score.  Take control of your life, make your friends wait until later, and do the bathroom ON THE WAY to class if you must.  Don’t exit in the middle of class, that’s a pain in everyone’s neck.