Celebration for Matter is Wednesday

Wednesday is the Celebration of Knowledge for the topic of Matter.

Study things like particle diagrams, counting atoms in formulas, Phases of matter and Phase Changes (all six).

Also the physical process of separating mixtures from each other, how to tell if a chemical reaction (probably) happened, and of course the simple and terribly important vocabulary in that neat flow chart diagram in the BASICS with words like: matter, pure or mixed, elements and compounds, heterogeneous and homogeneous, and examples of all of them.

15 minutes of chem five days a week will insure you a fair amount of success.  20 or more minutes should make you into a chem-Jedi Master.  Less than 15 minutes daily is the quick road to misery and a dog that will not learn how to go in the yard when you want/need them to.  Instead your life will be filled with lemon scented wipes and mess.

Be the right person.

Human finger pointing up.