New Short Week

No school on Friday!  Yay!   Here’s our plan…

Tues.  AM Chem works on electron orbitals and some isotope math.
Tues.  PM Chem does the Electrons Lab

Wed. AM Chem Finishes up the Isotope Math, & Reviews Atomic Theory
Wed.  PM Chem does the same

Thursday is our Celebration of Knowledge for Atomic Theory.

To find some success at this you should read the entire BASICS, front to back, every word, do the math problems yourself to make sure you can.  Also do all 3 Atomic Theory HW assignments and check them online, and ask me to help you with them in class by Wednesday.
You should also have a working knowledge of spectra, read the first and last pages of that Electrons Lab a few times over.  Ask questions.
Practice Isotope math: average weighted atomic masses.
Then, no school Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  When we return, gang-buster chemistry.  We will jump into Naming Compounds, learning the hows and whys of formula ratios, working hard with the selected oxidation numbers (those numbers in the top right corner), figuring out what the heck ions are (not isotopes).  It’s all cool, but you must stay on top of this stuff.