Do You Understand Chemistry Yet?

That’s French for “Do you speak Chemistry?”

I did some checking of my grade book, here’s what I found…

7 kids still didn’t do the Temperature Lab (old, old stuff)

11 kids still didn’t do the Chemical and Physical Changes Lab (too hard to copy I guess)

8 kids DID NOT YET TAKE the Atomic Theory Celebration, Friday is the deadline.

48 kids have grades SO LOW on the Atomic Theory Celebration that they SHOULD take the make up, Friday Deadline.

About 16 kids DID NOT YET HAND IN THE Electrons Lab.

I have called about half of the students’ parents/guardians so far.  Your phone call is coming SOON.  

What will I tell your parents?  Wouldn’t it be better if I told them you are not in the numbers above?

Let’s go, I am getting nervous for you.  We are about 14% DONE with the whole school year.  This is not a good note, this is an I’m Scared For You Note.  

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