What to Practice for Friday’s Celebration

There are several slide shows to help you practice naming compounds, or writing their formulas from the compound names.

You could trust that you “got” this (you don’t), or you can practice.  The more practice you do, the better your grade will be.

Trust me, an hour now will save many hours in the future, to say nothing of all the extra points you will get in lab reports and on celebrations still to come.

This is a chemistry class, you need to be able to speak chemistry;  that means that you must be able to write formulas, and names correctly every single time.  If you say things like copper chloride I will write things like -5.  Copper MUST have a roman numeral middle name.

It takes practice, and practice makes perfect.

click here to see all of the slide shows…

or here they are one at a time

  1.  Fifty slides formulas to names

2.  Fifty more slides, names to formulas

3.  The “Master Set”, pro level practice

4.  Polyatomic Ion practice slides

5.  Practice Test  with answers