Holiday Message

Dear Students and Parents,

There is no work over break in chemistry.  Rather, I’d like you to think about a few other things.

First, find something important to do.  Important in it helps someone else and doesn’t earn you any money to get you to do it.  Do something nice, big or small.  Shovel the nice old lady next door’s sidewalk of snow for her.  Only if she pushes a small donation on you should you take it, and if so, you should find someone else you know who really needs it and help them.

You could donate an hour or two of your time at the local nursing home, reading or playing games, or just visiting someone who doesn’t get too many visitors and ask them a few questions.  That’s actually a lot harder to do than shoveling snow, but the reward it pays back is greater.

You could also watch these videos that I found on, and see what they make you think about.  You could write a short essay about how you feel for your English class, and maybe score a few extra credit points.

You could call someone you know who doesn’t get invited to too many things and invite them to something.  Some of the best people are marginalized either financially or socially.  Once someone feels out, it’s hard for them to push back in.  An invitation to them makes a huge difference.  Just be sure you can handle this, it’s also very hard to be a good person full time.  If you invite someone back in, then they’re in for good.  You can’t drop them once the holiday season is over.

I hope you like these videos.  The first we watched in class, the second is about a guy who talks like me and it might be better in a different way.  The third is also very inspiring but it will likely make you cry more than the first two.  Sometimes crying is a good thing,

Happy holiday season to each of you, no matter how you celebrate it.  I will be excited to see you all again “next year” (I love that dumb joke).


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