Make Ups for Quiz/Celebrations 2020

2020 is funny – it’s the date and it’s cliche for having good eyesight as well.

Having had some time to see, to evaluate, how this make up policy of mine has been working, clearly I see a need for a small change.

Some students are literally bombing the first chance at the celebration.  Not studying, not caring, etc.  They then save themselves by just taking the makeup.

As of THERMOCHEMISTRY I will be reverting back to the original make up policy of averaging the first and second tries together to get a new grade.  This forces everyone to try the first time and to suffer somewhat if they just don’t try or just don’t care enough to put in the effort when they should.

That said, the deadline for the Stoich and Phases makeup will be Thursday Jan 9.  Don’t miss tha LAST CHANCE to get the higher of two grades.  I will not make another announcement about these makeups after today, Thursday Jan 2.  Please take good care of yourselves.