Go to the movies today: Just Mercy

I went to the movies with my wife on Sunday night and we saw Just Mercy, a newer movie based upon real characters in the United States (which is hard to believe, but unfortunately true).
The movie stars Jamie Foxx as an innocent man, Walter McMillan, sentenced to die in the electric chair for a crime that he was totally innocent of.  He is defended by  Michael B. Jordan, who plays a real lawyer named Bryan Stevenson.
The story is about how racism is still alive and well in our country.  It highlights the inhumanity of the death penalty, how it does not do what it’s supposed to do, and most importantly, how even after many trials, innocent people are being killed by the states.
People are good, but not all of them are.  Some are good, but misguided in their thinking.  Some imagine justice is what comes out of the court system, but they don’t see the lies, the politics, and the hatred that stir below the obvious surface.
I suggest you go see this movie.  It will touch you deeply as a person, and it will make you think.  How could that be a thing you would want to miss.  It’s sad, and it’s horrifying too, in a I can’t believe that this happens in my country kind of way, but it does happen and you should be angered that it does.
The story is true, this is not made up.  The characters are real.
The characters in the film above, the real men below.

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