School is Closed for Now, Not Forever.

Okay, this is the strangest post I have ever had to write.

As of right now we are not going to see each other until April 14, which is a Tuesday.  I do not have any info as to “tele-teaching”, or something like that.  I don’t know if the course will be “shrunk”, or even if the Regents Exam is still on.  For now, we are all sort of floating in uncharted waters.  It’s okay, although surely this is odd.

That said, this is NOT a horror show, or something that you personally should be worried about.  All information I have read or heard convinces me that if any young people do catch this, the worst you will likely end up with is a cold or possibly a bad cold.  You and I will be in school in April.  I will miss you.

The is of course stuff you could do, and you will be bored some days.  You could read the old BASICS, you could try some old HW’s, or make up a lab report.  Sooner or later all that will come back.

If you are stressed out, or worried, or scared, you can call me on my cell phone, 607-727-3865.  I will talk with you if you call me.  Texts are less fun for me and my old fingers, but talking is easy.  Don’t worry, really.  This is weird for sure, but it is not scary, and you will be fine.  You will still most likely pass the course (lab reports made up that is).

One day, when you are old (like me) there will be a TV documentary about the 2020 virus and you can tell your kids that school was off for a while, and although you were scared at first, it became alright very soon, and then you just worked very hard to catch up.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to your friends, and those other kids who are a bit out of your normal loop.  Everyone will want to feel connected, and you know that no one will want to feel alone.  This is one of those unexpected times that some of you can rise up and become the “better” you, the one you’d like to be, but the one you have always been afraid to be.  Now is your chance.

Please text everyone to visit, and if need be, I will talk to whomever calls me.  I’ll do my best to help you if you need help.

I will miss you, but remember, I am as close as the phone (which is probably in your hand or pocket right now).

Charlie Arbuiso
(I’m your chemistry teacher now, and forever).

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