Day 6 – Same Old Same Old

Well here we still are.  Nothing seems to be new, although we are spending some family time together, watching movies, taking walks, simple stuff.  I hope you are also doing your best to connect with your families.  I know that as a teenager you usually think that you are way too cool for your parents (that’s a normal feeling to have) but hopefully deep down inside you realize that you still need them in many ways.

Give back to your parents, spend a little time with them.  Ask them how they are holding up.  Ask them to tell you a story, about when they were kids.  About a time that you didn’t know them, and they didn’t know you.

Don’t forget to call people up: your grandparents (whom you should not visit unless it’s an emergency), your far away aunts or uncles or cousins.

Call up some kids you sort of know from Vestal that you know really need to feel that someone cares about them too.  It would be so cool if you did that.

Everyone needs to feel like someone cares.  You will find that you feel like a good person if you make some calls like that (and you should feel good if you do good things).  Get as much of the good feelings that you can, it will make you stay sane and happy.

As promised, yet another silly photo of your teacher from a part of my life when you didn’t know me.  That’s me on the right at about 11, with my youngest brother.  He’s a retired NYC Fire Fighter now.

Apparently I was little once, and I don’t really remember that photo being taken, but I think we were at a summer weekend in the Catskills.  My little brother was really small, and being the youngest of five he always had to show off his muscles to make sure we knew he wasn’t afraid of anyone of us.

Text or call me if you need to.  Share this with your classmates/friends.  Stay silly and happy, best you can.

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