Day 7 – It’s Better and It’s Worse Today

Well, the days are long and there’s not so much to do, but if you can find something, anything, even if it’s only for an hour or so, you can plot your whole day around it.

That’s the “Edge” from U2 above.  He almost always performs in a shirt with the number 7 on it, but he won’t say why.

Today I had to fix my son’s speed bag.  He hit it so hard (and it was made of somewhat cheap but good looking particle board) that it broke apart.  I had to go to a friend’s house to get some plywood, and then to home depot to get some new bolts.

I had to use a handsaw, an electric drill, and the electric jig saw, and some screwdrivers and wrenches to get it all back together, but it’s better than new (although it looks a bit homemade.

I will be taking a long walk later, and I hope you are taking a long walk later too.  Get up and get out of the house.  Don’t be too lazy.  It’s important to stay regular, even if it’s just a simple thing like walking your dog, or asking your family if they need something (and being ready to do what they ask – there might be nothing, but you were ready).

Again, please consider calling someone on the phone that you don’t always talk with.  You might find a few things first, you might be doing a great thing and you will feel good about it.  You might be doing yourself a favor (you might be more lonely than you realize) and you might let someone else be your friend today.  Reach out to your classmates, not just your friends.

if you are one of those shyer kids, it might be time to finally bust out and call someone on the phone, or text them, and just say hello, see what happens.  Go for it.

As promised, here is yet another funny teacher picture, to make you keep coming back to read these silly notes.  This is now part of my “regular” thing, something to keep me grounded and centered.

Please tell your friends to read these, or tell someone you don’t know well to check this out (a great way to open the conversation, without too much at personal risk.

This is my at 16, with an old girlfriend.  She’s older now too, and she lives in Florida.  I talk to her once in a while, and I suppose is my oldest friend (longest friendship, she’d be mad if I said she was old!).


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