Day 8 – Monday, Zoom In On Tuesday

ZOOM on Tuesday at 11 AM. 
Use this code to get yourself into the room:

It should work, at least I am promised that it will.  An experiment in technology.  Fingers crossed

Well, here we are, another Monday, no closer yet to getting back to school.  Maybe it is just a set number of days (how many, no one knows yet) that we have to pass through to get to the other side.  Then we will return to “normal”.  of course for me, normal is all relative.

I enjoy doing my own thing, and you too will gain the confidence to be your own self too.  Teenage years are often difficult; having to fit in, and wanting to be independent are sometimes opposing concepts.  At some point you will blossom into the you that you really want to be, the sooner the better.

Of course, to be happy with that person means you have to let go of what others think of you.  That’s the harder part.  You can wear shorts every day, or earrings in both of your ears, get a belly button ring (which I don’t have!) or not, depending upon if you really want it or not.  You can grow a beard (if you can) or you can stay scruffy, or, you can shave as often as you like.  There is not one way for everyone, which is good, because we’re all different.  And (like a dynamic equilibrium!) we are also all the same.

To be two things at once, especially two different things, is a hard thing for most people to be.  That’s why we’re often “different” people with different people.  The school me, vs. the house me, vs. the me I think I would rather be.

Use your time at home (better yet: on a walk) to ponder who you really are, and who you would like to really be.  Take small steps in the direction you would like to try.  Be willing to turn around if you change your mind, or need a bit more time before you stay where you wish you could be.  Be patient with yourself, and with others, especially when they are trying on these new selves.  Just be good to each other, and more importantly, to yourself.

Again, another funny photograph from the archive of my life.  This is me at the end of my prom, but before we let the driver take us to the beach to watch the sunrise.  I guess I was a bit cliche back then, but it was fun too.  Don’t laugh too loudly.  That girl is now about 60 years old, and she’s had a great life too: a nice husband, and nice kids too.  My bow tie is hanging down on my right side there.  It was as big as my face!  If I can find a “pre-Prom” photo in a box downstairs, you might see me more awake.

I would point out that I am 100% sober in that photo, just tired.  I hope you find yourself in that same condition – always.  Be healthy, happy, and smart!

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