Day 9 – Post Zoom, Still Going Okay

The Zoom Conference went well, although it was more fun than academic.  It was very nice to see 21 of you today, even if it was mostly silly.  Silly is good too.

I intend to do that AGAIN on Friday at 11 AM if you want to drop in.  I will post up another link, and I will send an email.

I walked today, and I ventured to Wegmans.  I stayed away from most people.  They are spraying the register belts in between each customer, but that seems to be tedious.  I suggested that I hold up my food, and the cashier could just sap it with the bar code gun, and I’d pack it myself.  It’s these (little) things that entertain me, I meet a problem, give some thought, and solve it.  I am not ready for a prize, but I did save some time for the folks behind me, and the cashier even thought it was novel.  How did THAT word slip back into polite conversation?

Call someone on the phone, write someone a letter, or just be good to your siblings.  (and parents).

If anyone needs something, please contact me privately (text or email) and I will see if I can help you.  Go take a walk with your family, just bundle up it’s chilly.  I miss you all.

That photo below is from when I had a pony tail, about 2 years ago.  My brother’s wife did that, and I kept it in for all of five minutes.  My brother thought I was a crazy man, but it’s a cute photo (I guess).

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