Day 10 – It’s Wednesday (sort of Groundhog Day) Right?

Hello my fellow students, I hope you are still okay.  I am still fine, and I am buoyed today by Governor Cuomo’s speech at about 11 AM every day (on CNN and MSNBC).  He told us that the rate of people needing to be hospitalized is still increasing, but at what appears to be a declining rate.  This is good news that the stay at home order is actually working.

I have decided that although I feel pretty safe here in our area, I think we shut down our lives early enough, before too many people near us were exposed to this virus, that it’s time to shut down a bit more.  I am going to avoid the supermarket.  I will use the drive up service (order online, pay online, they drop the bags into your trunk) to keep my social distancing strong.

This shut down will last a few more weeks, but not forever.  The slower the transmission rate, the better is will be for all of us.  Get outside, walk, run, have fun, just do so further apart from each other than we used to.

In addition, the federal government seems to have passed a big financial aid package to move the country forward, and it feels like they too are finally getting it more together for us.

Our next ZOOM drop in will be Friday at 11 AM (I will tape the Governor).  You will need to click on this to get in:

Zoom is free, and you can (must) download it previous.  Then that link is your ticket in.  We had 21 kids on Tuesday, let’s get more this Friday.  It’s free, not mandatory, and it was fun for a while.

As promised, yet another funny photo of me from high school.  Here, I’m a senior, and that was my girlfriend at the time.  I’m 17 years old there and I happen to have NO grey hair yet.  That was the girl who was my lab partner in chemistry class too.

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