Day 11 – And Counting. Some Kids Emailed Me Some Labs Today.

So I made a batch of phone calls to students today, hoping to inspire some of you to catch up some and get into the passing zone.  I graded some home works and some lab reports that came in too.  A few students’ grades went up, up, up.  Your grade could too.

I had emailed the Principal about 3rd Quarter grades; so far the district has not decided what to do yet.  I suggested some things, but they are still thinking about it.  Here are the options that I think we’re limited to:

  1. Keep it normal, what ever your average is now, that’s your grade.
  2. Just do a Pass or Fail for 3rd quarter.
  3. We’re not going back to school this year, what ever we have for grades so far, that’s your final grade.
  4. Some combo of above.

Problems with my ideas would include:  what about the make up celebrations I promised but we didn’t get to take?  Your grades for that last “exam” would probably have been boosted up, that’s not fair.  Your plan to hand stuff in was foiled, you couldn’t, and that’s not fair either.  There is no easy way forward, and I’m not the boss anyway.

Just trust that I will have your backs best I can, but think: if the school year is over (no one knows, but if it is) what ever you’ve got so far, that’s it.  So right now, FIX YOUR GRADES.  Just in case: if you’re passing and we are done, then you’d be passing chemistry.  That’s the whole idea, right?  If you choose not to catch up, you might not be passing now, and you’d be back in my class next year.  Try to avoid that.

The more you do, the smarter you become.  The smarter you become, the nicer the spouse you will get.  Then you’ll get a nicer house. And your dog won’t poop in the kitchen, and you’ll be happy ever after.  Do your work, it’s all directly connected: work hard now, have a great life later on.

Here goes, two funny photos today, one of my favorite dessert, which I ate just a few weeks ago in Ithaca, at Purity Ice Cream on Route 13 North.  It’s actually worth driving there.  They have ice cream deluxe, plus pies, sandwiches, etc.  This was a great treat.  Then, there’s a photo of you know who.  That was me, giving a short speech at my own high school graduation in June of 1978. I was not quite 18 (you remember that my birthday is on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, November 4th!


The forehead in the photo with me is someone who is now in the FBI’s witness protection program. (just kidding)

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