Homework Assignments

These are not to be collected for a grade, but are going to be assigned to you to do, and to check with the answers provided.  We will be taking short quizzes in class that will count for grades, to see if you keep up on this work.  If you do the “homework”, and check it, and come in and ask your teacher questions when you are in doubt, you will do well on the quizzes.  If you decide to wing it, you will likely crash and burn (that’s a great movie script line, do you know what movie it’s from?)

Measurement  –  Answers

Matter  –  Answers

Atomic Theory   –   Answers

Naming Compounds  –  Answers

Moles and Percent Comp – Answers

Chemical Reactions   –   Answers

Stoichiometry  –  Answers 

Phases  –  Answers

Thermochemistry  –  Answers

Gas Chemistry  –  Answers

Trends of the Periodic Table

Chemical Bonding



Kinetics and Equilibrium

Acid Base

Organic Chem


Acid Base

Nuclear Chem