Chemical & Physical Changes Lab Report

Please know that I know that you know that I know that you can’t really do this lab report because you don’t know nearly enough chemistry yet.

Sometimes in movies they show you the last scene, then cut the beginning, which is often a weird new scene that doesn’t jive with what you just saw.  But all the while you watch the movie you realize you are moving towards that ending, that you saw first.  In movies this is called foreshadowing.

This lab is foreshadowing too.

It’s a cool lab, lots of experiments, controlled chaos, mixing things up, some mildly dangerous parts, but not really.  You have to find all sorts of stuff, you feel some stress, and your papers usually get wet.  You learned a lot of how to cope with real chem lab, but have no chemistry to worry about.

At the bottom of this note I will link the complete answer key to the lab (on Wednesday afternoon).  Your job is to copy it neatly.  You will only get a “pass fail” grade, but you will earn 80 lab minutes.  By copying you will ingrain into your minds chemical symbols and phases, word equations will be written out next to chemical equations, and your mind will begin to make connections between words like lithium and the letters Li.

Hand this in as soon as you can, but it will not help or hurt your current grade.  The harder you work, the neater it is, the more effort you put into it, the smarter you will be.  The smarter you are the nice your spouse will be, the bigger your house will be, the better your life will be.  It’s your chance to improve your lot in life.

Lab Answers Here