Important Dates to Remember


Free Regents Tutoring at the Vestal Library
Mon June 17 – 5:30 – 8:00
Tues June 18 – 5:30 – 8:00
Wed June 19 is JUNETEENTH HOLIDAY, no tutoring

Regents Exam is on Thurs June 20 at NOON in the gym

The History of Arbuiso Students vs. The Regents

January 2023 Chemistry Regents Exam all 85 Questions and Answers

August 2022 Chem Regents all 85 Questions & Answers

June 2022 Chem Regents all 85 Questions & Answers

June 2018 Regents Exam Questions
Part 1 (multiple choice) answers
Parts 2-3 Extended Response answers

Assistance/advice on how to do these multiple choice (not the answers)
June 2018 Regents as a slide show: questions & answers.

Mr Greene’s Review Sheet 104 Questions – Answers

What you need to know before you  take the Regents Exam (fabulous)!

76 Most Missed Regents Questions of the Past
Answers to these 76 Questions
January 2018 Regents Questions
January 2018 Regents Exam ANSWERS in detail

June 2017 Regents Questions
June 2017 Regents Answers in Detail

Video Answers to past Regents Questions

June 2015 Regents   Q 1 – 25          Q 26-50         Parts 2/3

August 2015 Regents   Q 1-25         Q 26-50        Parts 2/3

 Topic Quizzes

Measurement Quizzes A, B, and C,  with answers

Matter Quizzes A, B, and C, with answers

Atomic Theory  Quizzes A, B, and C, with answers

Naming Compounds Quizzes A, B, C, D, and E, with answers

Naming Compounds from Formulas – 50 slides/answers

Writing Formulas from Names – 50 more slides/answers

“The Master Set” – the harder Names to Formulas to Names” practice