Atomic Theory

Atomic HW #1 due Wednesday
Chemical & Physical Changes Lab due Friday
Atomic HW #2 due Friday
Review Lab due Wednesday Oct 11
End of 5-weeks on Fri Oct 6 (5-week reports written over weekend)

Practice from Friday: Matter & Atomic Q&A —  ANSWERS
Matter and Atomic Theory Celebration Monday Oct 16

Atomic Theory Basics
Atomic Theory Class Notes
Atomic Theory Slideshows
Atomic Theory Vocabulary Words
Electrons Lab
Atomic HW assignments
Meet the Atoms Slideshow:  Names, symbols, electrons, etc.  
28 ATOMS & ISOTOPES Handout (p, n, e, and avg. weighted atomic mass) 
Isotopes Handout
Gold Foil Experiment Explained Well
Atomic Models History in 1 Page
Atomic Theory Crossword Puzzle for fun

Atomic Theory Class Periods
1.  Subatomic particles, location, charges, etc.
2.  Models of the Atom through history
3.  Orbitals, spectra, ground vs. excited states
4.  The 28 Atoms handout
5.  Isotopes and decimal atomic masses
6.  Electrons Lab I
7.  Electrons Lab II
8.  Review Lab
9.  Review
10.  Celebration of Knowledge