That spells STOICHIOMETRY in Greek letters.  Stoich can be difficult, like Greek, unless you pay attention.  We will continue to practice balancing equations and then use those equations to predict product masses, volumes of gases, and particles as well.

It’s moles and balancing equations rolled into one.  Lots of math, another map guide, and lots more math.  Get a calculator!

We have the Baking Soda Lab, the Stoich-2 Lab.  

Work that is DUE

Stoich HW #1 and #2 due Thurs Dec 7

Stoich Quiz is Fri Dec 8:  A 1-step, a 2-step, and a 3-step problem.

Precipitate Lab due Mon Dec 11.  


Stoich Slideshows

Stoich Notes

Stoich Lab – Baking Soda Lab –  Baking Soda Lab Data Slides

Stoich2 Lab –  CuSO4 + Fe 

Zinc Removal From a Penny

Stoich HW Assignments

8 Question Practice Test (with answers)

Stoich Walk Around Problems  –  Answers to Walk Around Problems

Stoich Pack (Notes, BASICS, HW’s, Labs, etc.)

Stoich Notes ZOOM #1  1-7 in notes

Stoich Notes ZOOM #2   8-11 in notes

Stoich Notes ZOOM #3   12-15 in notes

Stoich Notes ZOOM #4  16 – 20 in notes (to the end)

Stoich HW answers