Each topic, in order, has a slideshow, paper notes, the BASICS, and a link to the page that has other material on it for each topic.

Measurement: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Matter: SlidesNotesBASICS Page

Atomic Theory: SlidesNotes BASICSPage

Naming Compounds: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Moles – Percent Comp: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Chemical Reactions: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Stoichiometry: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Phases: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Thermochemistry: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Gas Chemistry: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Periodic Table: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Bonding: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Water: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Solutions: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Kinetics: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Acids & Bases: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Organic: Slides (1)Slides (2)NotesBASICSPage

Redox Electrochemistry: SlidesNotesBASICSPage

Nuclear: SlidesNotesBASICSPage