SPDF electron configurations

Many students are not paying sufficient attention to class, or reading the BASICS, and are copying junk from the internet.  Some junk, like the spdf electron configurations are good chem, but they are copied, not taught.
We do not use this system in regents chem.
The spdf puts the electrons into their sub-orbitals.  We only use the SIMPLE electron configurations that are provided in our reference tables, listed under the atomic numbers.  They are simple because this is an intro class to beginner chemistry students (you).  There is much that is not taught to you (yet) because there is enough to keep you busy (buried?) as it is.
Some of you are copying incorrect spdf orbitals, and do not realize that they are wrong because you don’t know what they mean in the first place.
If you really are interested in them, I will be happy to review them with you, say on a Wednesday.  Otherwise, stay with the program.
How about this:  If you copy something from the internet again, or like this, or PV=nRT say (the ideal gas law), I will just give you a zero for cheating/copying, that you cannot redo.  You’d earn a zero grade for cheating, which might be a good lesson for you in the long run.    
Don’t copy.  Don’t cheat.  Read the BASICS.  Call me for questions if you need help.  The right path does not always mean putting the facts into boxes on a piece of paper.  The whole point of school is to learn, and to learn how to learn more.  It’s the process, not the answer that matters most. 
Click that link below to find a list of the spdf electron configurations.  See if you can follow it and understand it.  Then put it into your pocket until college, when you will have to understand it.  Keep it in your pocket until then.